Best Groundcovers for Commercial Landscape 

Have you seen the landscaping of commercial properties in your area? If so, you’ll probably notice a lot of beautiful hardscapes, mature trees, lovely plants, and more.  

However, aside from those things, you will also notice a variety of materials that surrounds the plants in the beds. You will either see a rock or shredded wood mulch.  

If you’ve got a commercial property and you want to improve its landscaping, you’ve got to choose the right groundcover. So, which one is the best? Should you choose rock or mulch? Well, the answer depends on several factors.  

Before you hire a professional landscaping St Catharines company, we’re going to discuss the difference between rock and mulch.  

Commercial Landscaping with Rock or Mulch 

Property owners commonly use both mulch and Rock in their commercial landscapes.  

Your surroundings should smoothly complement the budget, style, and architecture of your building, whether you manage a university campus, industrial facility, hospital, office park, retail center, or HOA.  

Both mulch and rock can offer the aesthetic you need. To help you figure out the right one, here are several things you should consider: 

Landscaping with Rock 

A lot of commercial properties find a lot of benefits when they use rock in their landscapes. Usually, they use river rocks that come in a variety of colors such as light blue, grays, tans, and beiges.  

If you use rocks, you won’t have to replace your groundcover for a long period once you install it. It is also resistant to wind and fire. They’re also excellent at preventing weed growth.  

Rock is great for high-traffic areas since it can easily withstand wear and tear. Thus, rock is the ideal groundcover if you’ve got areas on your property where people cut through rather than using the walkway.  

Rock is also ideal when it comes to improving drainage. Rock can help prevent the area from getting soggy if you have areas that hold water.  

Landscaping with Mulch 

A lot of people use mulch more often compared to stone. The reason for this is that mulch provides unique benefits.  

Double shredded wood mulch helps preserve moisture in the soil. This also helps maintain the temperature of the soil. Mulch also breaks down over time, which is great for the soil since it adds nutrients. Furthermore, it also prevents the growth of weeds.  

Brown is the most common color for mulch. However, you can also choose black ones. Compared to rock, mulch is quite cheaper. Typically, it will cost you around $50 to $65 per yard to install it.  

Mulch also has a couple of drawbacks. For example, you will have to reapply mulch after several months since it breaks down over time. In addition to that, weeds can often push through since mulch is a lot lighter compared to stone. This typically occurs if the layer is getting thin.  

Mulch is also more difficult to clean up since wind can easily blow it around. Since it is made of shredded wood, it can also catch fire more easily if it is extremely dry outside.